Sorry to disappoint, but you won’t find our clients’ success stories here.  The thing is, all those success stories belong to MY CLIENTS.  And they’re not inclined to share.

Crescent City Strength may provide the motivation, the opportunity and the expertise, but it’s my clients’ themselves who do the actual work.  We just stand there with a timer in hand and say, “do another one.”  Then they DO!  And then magic happens! Biology!  Stimulus -> Response! Growth! Change! Success!l

Don’t get me wrong; I stand ready and willing to expose their lost pounds and inches, feats of strength, newly lowered blood pressure, better blood profiles, etc.,  so you can make a connection in your mind that it’s all because of CCS.  Really, you’d think they’d want to shout their successes from the rooftops!  However, when I’ve asked permission, my clients don’t want their personal information splashed all over the interwebs.  Come to think of it, the fact that they were drawn to train with me in private setting personal one-on-one sessions might speak to some inherent shyness or need to protect a public image.

That doesn’t make it easy for me.  I am unable to advertise, like most other trainers and gyms, by peppering before/after photos all over Instagram and Facebook; photos that we all know may not reflect the results of another who resists doing “another one.”  But don’t cry for me, NOLA.  My clients repay me with lots of referrals.

And honestly, that works for me.


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