Crescent City Strength is a boutique personal training studio centrally located in Old Metairie, convenient to everywhere in NOLA.

At Crescent City Strength, we respect your time and schedule our 30 minute sessions around you.  Our talented trainers design and are there every step of the way for your individualized, one-on-one sessions lasting only 30 minutes once or twice a week.  How?  Our evidence-based protocols are designed to produce maximum results in minimum time.

If you think you don’t have time for fitness, Crescent City Strength is for you.  To see how you can get the best results from your workout in a fraction of the time, book your free consultation and first session go to our Bookings page.

How is this possible?  We we follow the  evidence-based high intensity training protocol (“HIT”). HIT is a method of training that focuses on the part of exercise that actually creates change: intense effort.  Focusing on intense effort is more deeply stimulating to muscle and requires longer recovery, the time during which the body makes changes stimulated by exercise. During recovery, HIT training is not repeated.  So the amount of time you spend in the gym is a fraction of that of other types of training.  HIT  has been proven time and time again to yield the maximum results in minimum time.

HIT offers:

The evidence-based principles of HIT are easily tailored to people of all ages, levels of fitness and goals.  At Crescent City Strength, our clientele includes men and women from teenagers to seniors, and athletes to those recovering from injury or illness.  Let Crescent City Strength help you get maximum results in minimum time.

High intensity training, unlike high volume/high risk training protocols as bootcamps or crossfit, is easily tolerated by joints.  In fact, the same HIT principles are often used to rehabilitate sports injuries.  This makes HIT a great choice for restoring strength after an injury, improving sports performance, and injury prevention.

But let’s face it, most people just want to look good.  HIT is the fastest way to get into shape.

And there are volumes of research articles published over the decades showing many additional benefits of high intensity training.


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