Get some sleep, grow some muscle

Great article on the importance to your training of getting a good night's rest.Sleep and Building Muscle Go TogetherWhere does muscle-building take place—in the weight room or in the bedroom? The answer may surprise you. Strength training is actually a stimulus—not the end result—for building muscle. After you’ve worked out, your recovery and muscle building [...]

Diabetics benefit a little bit more from strength training than from aerobic, but both show considerable gains

Conclusion:  "Both exercise regimens have positive impact on health status that correlated well with clinical improvement in patients with [Type 2 diabetes]. [Progressive resistance training] may have some additional benefits as there were significant changes in more domains of the SF-36 than that observed for the [aerobic training] group."Article

Running fast has more to do with the force one applies to the ground, not how fast the legs move

"Think of the legs as springs. The more force they can push against the ground, the further they can propel the body forward, thus maximizing the output of each individual step. In a full sprint, the average person applies about 500 to 600 pounds of force. An Olympic sprinter can apply more than 1,000 pounds."Article

Bulking Up Can Help Prevent Diabetes

Study shows building muscle can lower person’s risk of insulin resistance

The Cortisol Confusion

I'm a little disturbed at all the cortisol blocking products and misinformation out there. It's not that they are unnecessary, I used a cortisol blocker from VRP during a time of enormous stress, and it was a lifesaver. The problem is that cortisol blockers are the new thing, and are marketed as yet another panacea [...]

Eggs Vindicated

Don't you hate it when microscope-managers try to convince you that important food that humans were pretty much raised on, is a killer?  And then, don't you love it when they end up with egg on their faces?Unfortunately, it will take a generation to undue the bad press eggs have gotten over the last twenty-five [...]

Effect of exercise intensity on abdominal visceral fat (AVF) and body composition

Interesting study from the University of Virginia that compares high intensity exercise to low intensity exercise to determine the effect on abdominal visceral fat (AVF). "Results:  HIET (high intensity exercise training) significantly reduced total abdominal fat (p<0.001), abdominal subcutaneous fat (p=0.034) and AVF (p=0.010). There were no significant changes observed in any of these parameters within [...]

Diet Tips

Diet Tip #1:Don't do it.  They don't seem to work. You know it.  You've been on them a thousand times.  If they did work, you would  not be reading this post.  Dieting results only in frustrating you and making bigger than ever.  Diet Tip #2:Eat every meal as if it is not your last.  You will [...]

Weight resistance training has benefits beyond just bulking up

Strength training does more than bulk up musclesIt may reduce depression, give older people better cognitive function, boost good cholesterol and more.February 13, 2011|By Jeannine Stein, Los Angeles TimesA growing body of research shows that working out with weights has health benefits beyond simply bulking up one's muscles and strengthening bones. Studies are finding that [...]

Women should weight train

Finally, twenty-five years of lifting weights, and my routine is FINALLY validated by Yahoo.  More people will probably respond to this than to the thousands of things written over the years in the sports and scientific arenas about the superior benefits of weight resistance exercise.  Sad but true. Read it here:

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