Muscles Have Circadian Clocks That Control Exercise Response

From BY MARLA PAUL ON OCT 20, 2016 The time of day determines a muscle’s energy efficiency and metabolic response Northwestern Medicine scientists have discovered circadian clocks in muscle tissue that control the muscle’s metabolic response and energy efficiency depending on the time of day. The finding in mice, published in Cell Metabolism, sheds light on the time-of-day differences in [...]

What does training to failure actually achieve?

Another great one from Chris Beardsley at Over the last few years, researchers have discovered that it is possible to achieve meaningful muscle growth when lifting light weights, so long as sets are performed to muscular failure. Additionally, some studies indicate that training to failure may lead to more hypertrophy than avoiding failure. Muscular failure [...]

The Complete Beginner’s Guide to High Intensity Resistance Training (HIT): What it is, how it compares to other forms of exercise and the results you can expect to get (part 1) – HITUNI

HITUNI has a well researched, succinct 3-parter about what HIT is and how to use it.  I'm so glad they wrote it.  I really hate the more "marketing" side of the training business, and these guys do my work for me.  If you are new to the concept of HIT, this is a great start.  [...]

The Ultimate Science-Based Resistance Training Routine for Older Adults – HITUNI

There's a new study out by James Steele et al. regarding more successfully-adhered to training protocols for older adults.  "Our hope is that discussion of these specific recommendations, and provision of an example minimal dose workout, will promote resistance training participation by persons who might otherwise have not engaged. We also encourage medical professionals to [...]

Effect of Low vs. High Intensity Exercise Training on Biomarkers of Inflammation and Endothelial Dysfunction — PubMed

PubMed Tenório TRS, Balagopal PB, Andersen LB, Ritti-Dias RM, Hill JO, Lofrano-Prado MC, Prado WL. PURPOSE: To investigate the effects of a low vs. high intensity aerobic training on biomarkers of inflammation and endothelial dysfunction in adolescents with obesity. METHODS: Sixty-two adolescents with obesity (age: 15±14 years, BMI: 34.87±4.22 kg.m-2) were randomized to receive either [...]

Firmer, Fitter frame linked to firmer, fitter brain — ScienceDaily Date:  August 15, 2017 Source:  National Institute of Biomedical Imaging and Bioengineering Summary:  To determine why more aerobically fit individuals have better memories, scientists used magnetic resonance elastography (MRE), which measures the elasticity of organs, and found that fit individuals had a firmer, more elastic hippocampus—a region of the brain associated with memory. Scientists [...]

An hour per week at the gym lowers the risk of metabolic syndrome — ScienceDaily

Less than one hour of resistance exercise training per week lowers the risk of developing metabolic syndrome (cardiovascular risk factors such as overweight, high blood pressure and elevated blood sugar). This was shown by a study involving more than 7,000 participants from the Aerobics Center Longitudinal Study (ACLS) in the USA. The beneficial effects of [...]

The Ultimate Fat Burning Exercise Guaranteed to Make You Lose Weight

By Jean Kottemann March 14, 2014 It's that season again; time to start thinking about how you're going to get into your bathing suit, going to your high school reunion, attending some June bride, etc. etc. You are naturally panicked about losing as much weight as possible for the big event.  Thank God for the [...]

Pumping iron is good for the heart, researchers show — ScienceDaily

Copyright: dejanj01 / 123RF Stock PhotoDate:  January 11, 2017 Source:  University of British Columbia Okanagan campusSummary:Just one session of interval weight-training can improve the risk of Type 2 diabetes complications, according to a new study. This is encouraging news for those starting the New Year with good intentions.Share:Source: Pumping iron is good for the heart, [...]

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