An hour per week at the gym lowers the risk of metabolic syndrome — ScienceDaily

Less than one hour of resistance exercise training per week lowers the risk of developing metabolic syndrome (cardiovascular risk factors such as overweight, high blood pressure and elevated blood sugar). This was shown by a study involving more than 7,000 participants from the Aerobics Center Longitudinal Study (ACLS) in the USA. The beneficial effects of […]

How eating less can slow the aging process

ScienceDaily Date:February 13, 2017Source:Brigham Young UniversitySummary:New research shows why calorie restriction made mice live longer and healthier lives. FULL STORY “When you restrict calorie consumption, there’s almost a linear increase in lifespan,” Price said. Credit: © Steven R Breininger / Fotolia There’s a multi-billion-dollar industry devoted to products that fight signs of aging, but moisturizers […]

Calorie Detective: The Real Math Behind Food Labels | Op-Docs | The New York Times

Published on Feb 13, 2013 With the help of a science lab, the filmmaker Casey Neistat finds that calorie listings on food labels can be highly inaccurate. Read the story here: Subscribe to the Times Video newsletter for free and get a handpicked selection of the best videos from The New York Times every […]

What can we learn from people who stay mindlessly slim Date:  February 11, 2016 Source:  Cornell Food & Brand Lab Summary: You know that one friend that never worries about weight and seems to stay effortlessly slim? That friend, and others like them might unknowingly possess secrets to helping those who struggle with their weight. “These strategies include: eating high-quality foods, cooking at home, […]

HIT Body Weight Training

Not up for personal one-on-one sessions with Jean?  No worries.  Our HIT Body Weight Training Classes are 45 minutes of energetic high intensity training in a small group setting using nothing but your body as the mechanism for change. Think that’s not long enough to change your body?  The principles of HIT have been repeatedly […]

Intensive exercise with intervals ‘more effective’ Date:  January 19, 2016Source:  University of LeicesterSummary:Short bursts of intensive exercise provide a more “time-efficient” and realistic way of preventing, delaying and managing Type 2 diabetes and also losing weight, a study has found. Obesity and Type 2 diabetes are linked, with over 80 per cent of people with the condition classed as overweight […]

People face subconscious urges to over-eat in winter, research shows

via Date:  January 6, 2016 Source: University of Exeter Summary: People have evolved to have subconscious urges to over-eat, and limited ability to avoid becoming obese, especially in winter, a new study has found. FULL STORY People have evolved to have subconscious urges to over-eat, and limited ability to avoid becoming obese, especially in […]

Breaking it down and getting perspective: “Exercising 300 minutes per week better for reducing total fat in postmenopausal women”

I hate these headlines.  It’s not that this is not true, it’s just that it conveys inaccurate information. This suggests that if you want a healthy, normal body weight and to work towards preventing cancer later on in life, it will require 5 hours a week, or 10 days a year, or a year and […]