The Ultimate Science-Based Resistance Training Routine for Older Adults – HITUNI

There’s a new study out by James Steele et al. regarding more successfully-adhered to training protocols for older adults.  “Our hope is that discussion of these specific recommendations, and provision of an example minimal dose workout, will promote resistance training participation by persons who might otherwise have not engaged. We also encourage medical professionals to […]

An hour per week at the gym lowers the risk of metabolic syndrome — ScienceDaily

Less than one hour of resistance exercise training per week lowers the risk of developing metabolic syndrome (cardiovascular risk factors such as overweight, high blood pressure and elevated blood sugar). This was shown by a study involving more than 7,000 participants from the Aerobics Center Longitudinal Study (ACLS) in the USA. The beneficial effects of […]

How eating less can slow the aging process

ScienceDaily Date:February 13, 2017Source:Brigham Young UniversitySummary:New research shows why calorie restriction made mice live longer and healthier lives. FULL STORY “When you restrict calorie consumption, there’s almost a linear increase in lifespan,” Price said. Credit: © Steven R Breininger / Fotolia There’s a multi-billion-dollar industry devoted to products that fight signs of aging, but moisturizers […]

Middle-Age Fitness Helps Ward Off Stroke Later: MedlinePlus

Study finds this one thing reduces risk by 37 percent Thursday, June 9, 2016:  Physical fitness in middle age may lower your risk of stroke after 65, a new study finds. “It is becoming increasingly clear that healthy mid-life behaviors pay off as we age, and lower our risk of cardiovascular disease and stroke,” said […]

Strength training helps older adults live longer — ScienceDaily

ScienceDaily.comDate:  April 20, 2016Source:  Penn State Milton S. Hershey Medical CenterSummary:Older adults who met twice-weekly strength training guidelines had lower odds of dying, a new analysis concludes. The study is the first to demonstrate the association in a large, nationally representative sample over an extended time period, particularly in an older population. Full Story Older […]

Weight-lifting and jumping exercises improved bone density, could decrease osteoporosis risk Men gradually lose bone mass as they age, which puts them at risk for developing osteoporosis, a condition that makes bones weak and prone to breakage. Nearly 2 million men in the U.S. have the condition, and 16 million more have low bone mass, studies have shown. Now, University of Missouri researchers have found […]

Strength training still advisable in older age

via Date: April 3, 2015 Source:  Medical University of Vienna Summary: Many over-65-year-olds are frail, or in a preliminary stage of frailty. A new study aims to raise fitness levels and quality of life for older people whose nutritional condition is inadequate. The first results show that regular strength training is particularly beneficial for […]

10 Reasons High Intensity Training is a Smarter Workout

You’ve probably heard of high intensity training, but more than likely are fuzzy on the details.  High intensity training (“HIT”) refers to performing a single set of 8-12 repetitions of slow controlled weight resisted exercises, to momentary muscular failure, at a repetition duration that maintains muscular tension throughout the entire range of motion, for most […]

Healthy eating, exercise, and brain-training program results in slower mental decline for older people

 via Date:  March 11, 2015 Source:  The Lancet A comprehensive program providing older people at risk of dementia with healthy eating guidance, exercise, brain training, and management of metabolic and vascular risk factors appears to slow down cognitive decline, according to the first ever randomised controlled trial of its kind, published in The Lancet. […]