nbb3-2You’ve come at a great time when we’re transitioning from brick and mortar to universally convenient livestreaming one-on-one training and HIT classes online!

Crescent City Strength was a pioneer in online one-on-one training.  Now, we’re doing it almost exclusively.  To schedule an appointment with  your own live personal trainer, please fill in the contact information below.

In addition, we are presently beta testing our HIT classes.  If you would like more information on being a part of that test, please contact us via the form below.



Crescent City Strength  was founded in 2011 by Jean Kottemann, Crescent City Strength is a renowned training studio based in New Orleans, LA.  Do you have questions about our training or the classes we offer here?   Email us at: jean@crescentcitystrength.com 

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