Identical, but different

As Dean Ornish says, you are not your genes.

Twinty Years

When my twin boys were around two, I started noticing differences in their personalities. I remember one moment vividly: they both wanted to play with the same toy car. We had about a million toy cars, but that one was obviously very special… Since Sam already got hold of the toy, I tried to distract Richard with something else. Sam happily played with the car in the corner of the room, trying not to attract too much attention from his sibling. After a while, my distraction lost its charm, and Richard remembered the car… It was time to share, and I managed to convince Sam that sharing was a good idea. But once his brother got hold of the toy, instead of retreating to a quiet place to play with it, he was constantly in Sam’s face, as if to tell him “now I have it and you cannot get…

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