Routine Changing

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Let’s get down to brass tax here. Changing your routine because it’s boring or because you’ve been on it for “too long” is not only superfluous, but damaging to your goals in the long run.

Let’s interpret. The idea in the cartesian below refers to changing types and classes of exercises. It doesn’t correlate with changing a repetition, volume or frequency scheme.

When there’s a change in the routine, motorically speaking, it is accompanied with a period of sessions required to reacquaintance yourself with it load-wise, and most importantly- from a neural prospective. As the path of travel changes, so does the neuron reciprocity and the applicable watt interchanging which contracts the muscles. It also changes the types of stabilizers involved and as experience shows, the newer the movement, the harder it is at first.

That’s why sometimes you find it awkward that a 45lbs item that you have…

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