The ‘Burning’ Confusion in Working Sets

“I don’t feel the burn anymore! Should I do more sets or switch exercises up to confuse the muscle into burning again?”

Anyone who pursues bodybuilding for the sake of increasing mass, at some point experienced the burning sensation throughout the target muscle(s) whilst performing his sets within an anaerobic lactic range of repetitions (I wrote “a range” since the ranges vary pending on the muscle fibrous composition and predominance at question).

Most beginning trainees will ‘feel the burn’ throughout pretty much every set and every workout they do. As those trainees progress, those sensations will start to limit themselves to the first few sets of the muscle target of the workout and then no more (It might be of value to point out that the more frequency involved in a rountine per given muscle, said muscle will become more and more adapted and the limitation of sensation will be hastened).

Now, what exactly is ‘the burn’?

The ‘Burning’ Confusion in Working Sets.


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