It’s Yin Yoga, Y’all.

YinYogaJoin us for a special Yoga Event.

Yin yoga is easier to explain when viewed in contrast to yang yoga. Yang yoga is yoga like you think of yoga: moving sequences or somewhat strenuously held postures. Yang is often all about muscles and tendons, the outer layers (although there’s usually yin balance).

Yin yoga works on joints and ligaments by relaxing into a posture for several minutes for a deep release. Muscles are tensionless so that connective tissue can receive the proper stressor which compels it to decompress. According to Paul Grilley, author of several Yin Yoga books and DVDs “you can understand this by gently pulling on your right middle finger, first with your right hand tensed and then with the hand relaxed. When the hand is relaxed, you will feel a stretch in the joint where the finger joins the palm; the connective tissue that knits the bones together is stretching. When the hand is tensed, there will be little or no movement across this joint, but you will feel the muscles straining against the pull.”

Join us for 90 minutes of doing that all over! To sign up, text RESERVE to (504) 931-9758 or fill in the form below.

Yin Yoga with Kayla S. LeMaire is part of our CCS Fitness Series. If you are unable to attend this event, but are interested in keeping informed of other, the form below will communicate that to us as well.



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