Fast Food versus Cooking in Obesity

Inexpensive food a key factor in rising obesity
May 22, 2014
American Cancer Society

An important factor fueling the obesity epidemic has been identified by a new review: Americans now have the cheapest food available in history. Today, two in three Americans are overweight or obese, with rates climbing steadily over the past several decades. Many factors have been suggested as causes: snack food, automobiles, television, fast food, computer use, vending machines, suburban housing developments, and portion size. But after examining available evidence, the authors say widespread availability of inexpensive food appears to have the strongest link to obesity.

Read more here.

How Cooking Can Change Your Life – Michael Pollan

Hear Michael Pollan talk about why processed food is fattening, and how “even poor women who cook have a healthier diet than rich women who don’t.”


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