The negative impact of inactivity on women over 30

Inactivity is the number one risk factor for women over 30 developing heart disease.  Not excess weight, not smoking, not high blood pressure.  INACTIVITY!

Not sure what the evolutionary purpose of this is. I assume that since women historically were never able to sit still for long, what with helping on the hunt, gathering, and child rearing, that we just got really good at being more active.  Now that our roles, responsibilities and activity levels have shifted, our hearts suffer.

Good thing exercising 30 minutes once or twice a week is enough “activity” to protect our hearts from decline.

You can read the details below.

From age 30 onwards, inactivity has greatest impact on women’s lifetime heart disease risk
May 8, 2014
BMJ-British Medical Journal


From the age of 30 onwards, physical inactivity exerts a greater impact on a woman’s lifetime risk of developing heart disease than the other well-known risk factors, suggests research published online in the British Journal of Sports Medicine.

This includes overweight, the findings show, prompting the researchers to suggest that greater effort needs to be made to promote exercise.

The researchers wanted to quantify the changing contribution made to a woman’s likelihood of developing heart disease across her lifetime for each of the known top four risk factors in Australia: excess weight (high BMI); smoking; high blood pressure; and physical inactivity.

Read more.


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