The Poop Scoop! (Inside scoop on digestion)

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This is certainly not the most glamorous of topics! However, it is one of the most important systems of the human body.

Many studies have shown a large correlation between illness and digestion. Some would even say poor digestion is the leading cause of preventable illness. I for one never took my digestion that seriously until I discovered just how detrimental proper digestion is for your overall health.

Just to put good digestion into perspective for you, it is expected that a person with good digestion would have a healthy bowel movement approximately 3 times per day. That was a scary thought for me as my digestion has probably never been that good!

There are three important components of digestion that one should always be conscious of; Good bacteria, water consumption and fibre consumption. The good bacteria battle with the bad bacteria to help keep a healthy flora in the…

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