I am embarrassed to say that as a NOLA chic I know next to nothing about jazz.  My Uncle Joe Scianni was a child prodigy jazz musician who moved to New York at an early age to follow a musical career, so one would think jazz was in my blood, but nope.  Growing up I played classical violin — er — make that ten years of the Suzuki method.

It appears, however, that jazz may not be lost on me after all.  As I trained one client after another today, I realized that perhaps it’s lying dormant in my soul, finding unusual ways to express itself.

Prior to each session, I write out a very well thought through workout for each client based on that client’s own particular goals, needs and abilities.  I even set up clients before their session so they can quickly move from one exercise to another.  I can keep it aerobic that way.  I have the luxury of pre-setting workouts because, except for when Cheri is simultaneously training, my clients enjoy private one-on-one sessions.  Perhaps “enjoy” is a little optimistic.

Occasionally something happens after a workout starts.  Unexpected notes are sometimes hit which energizes and excites me as a trainer to follow through with that phrase.  What one clint just did on pullovers casts a different hue to the written workout and I see an opening to follow, not with pulldowns I had planned, but something else that will take advantage and build on the momentum.  Perhaps I will take it to the chest for a burn I didn’t know I could get today.  Sometimes I realize I didn’t get what I was looking for with, say, push-ups, so I’ll change the pitch and follow with a lighter weight arm cross, and then go next wherever that takes us.

At times I’m not quite changing a whole workout, but seeing an opening to accent a certain aspect of a single exercise to really.  Depending on what I get there, will I may go back to the plan or venture further out.

As long as the outcome stimulation of all major muscle groups, it’s fair game. I’ll deviate from the plan to take full advantage of what the client has brought me this day, this hour, this minute.

Like I said, I don’t know much about jazz.  But from what I understand, it’s alive and exciting, and can take you to unexpected places.  That’s my jam in the gym as a trainer.

This was just on my mind because I had several clients in a row today where I went completely off book. And I love when that happens. Not sure if it really has anything to do with living here, but I’d like to think so.


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