5 ‘unhealthy’ foods that are in fact healthy

I really don’t subscribe to labeling foods “good” or “bad.”  I mean sure, the honey bun you buy from a machine is probably a toxic concoction that will shrivel your organs faster than sitting in front of a microwave dish.  But when “nutrition authorities” discourage folks from enjoying eggs, nuts, or ribeye, that kind of pisses me off.  If these foods were truly detrimental, we wouldn’t have survived as a species.  Our ancestors would have died off and you wouldn’t be reading this post.

That doesn’t mean just because something is “all natural” that it’s necessarily good for you.  Arsenic is all natural and you don’t see me making that part of my daily diet.  And likewise, these “all natural miracle foods” like goji berries or acai juice … does anybody really buy that nonsense?  There’s no magic bullet for what makes these carbon units we inhabit run smoothly or choke.

Instead, my motto is everything in balance, nothing in excess.  Any food  or nutrient can start to cause problems if you get too much or not enough of it.  It’s a matter of learning about what foods do what for you.  Food is chemistry after all.

Hell, that takes way too much time.  Better use bullet points.

Here’s a nice article that debunks some unjustly vilified foods and allows me to indulge with confidence.

Read here.


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