Building Gut Microbiota With Cultured Foods – Salsa

Canning Marinara Sauce, Tomato PreservesI’ve been preaching the gospel of good gut bacteria over the last several years.  Healthy gut microbiota has been linked to everything from weight loss to intelligence to heart disease.  The probiotics folks have had a field day selling their goods.

While stuffing yourself full of probiotic pills and yogurt is probably a great way to start considering the actions of food on your gut health, I think there are tastier ways to cultivate a healthy gut microbiota.  Let’s face it, we live in NOLA.  Our gut bacteria DEMANDS a certain flavor.

Cultured food is so simple that our ancestors did it without any kitchen gadgets or refrigeration.  It was a byproduct of preserving food for consumption long after harvest.  Using either whey (that juice that collects in yogurt), or salt water, foods were prepped to be kept post season.

Rather than continue to just say “You Should Do This!  It’s Important!!,” I shall heretofore link delicious recipes to get you started.  Look for these articles in my “cultured foods” category.

Today we have a couple of salsa recipes.  One is Liquid Fire and the other is Cultured Salsa.  Enjoy.


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