Success Story Number 2

Meet — er — well, some of my clients are shy.  We’ll call this one Fiona.  Yes, she’s a local NOLA lady.

Fiona had been training with me for several months before the end of last year.  She was doing great as far as getting really strong and defined.  However, she wanted to be smaller, like she had been in college. That is primarily a diet issue. 

It was perfect timing because I was challenging many of my clients to commit to a 10 week diet after the new year (2013) anyway.  Fiona and another client (another amazing success story) agreed to do it together as sort of diet buddies.

I’m sorry to report that this experience was pretty drama-free.  Fiona went on the diet, Fiona stuck to the diet, Fiona kept her once a week 30 minute strength training appointments, Fiona met her goals.  Boom.

All in all, she lost a total of 24 lbs and 18 inches, including 4.5 inches in her waist!

So is this diet easy?  Frankly, the first 3-5 days are not fun.  Let’s say there’s separation anxiety when you reduce your intake.   Oh, and it’s kind of a pain figuring out the logistics.  After that, however, it’s pretty smooth sailing.  And what great results for such comparatively small sacrifices!

A word about logistics:  your diet will go better if you spend a few days planning logistics, put together your shopping list based on your meal plans, figure out when in the day you will be able to have your meals and snacks, prepare meals and snacks ahead of time to have ready to take on the go, etc.  Do yourself a big favor and plan your meals a week in advance.  Logistics is a key step many people overlook when they are starting a diet, the lack of which is often the first domino to fall, triggering all the other diet dominos, which ultimately leads to eating cheat foods cuz nothing else is available, erosion of willpower, binging so you can recommit tomorrow, disgust, self-loathing, complete breakdown.

The other really key thing to have in place for a diet to be successful is accountability.  But that’s a discussion for another day.  Fiona had no issue with accountability, and she was a NINJA at logistics.  That’s probably the secret to her success.

This is NOT a lose quick plan.  It’s a take it off for good plan.  Not everyone will be able to get as small as Fi.  Remember, she said she had been tiny in college, so we already knew she COULD be that small.  Not everyone can.  Incidentally, she is stealthy strong.  Her loss of fat did not at all hinder her continued gains in strength, bone mass, and badassness.

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