Dem Bones Dem Bones

Resistance exercise and bone turnover in elderly men and women

Here’s yet another study which highlights the benefit to bone health as a result from resistance training. In the study performed by  the Center for Exercise Science, College of Health and Human Performance, University of Florida, 62 men and women whose median age was 68 were randomly assigned to a control group, a high intensity exercise group or low intensity exercise group for 24 weeks.  Bone mineral density (“BMD”) was measured for total body, femoral neck, and lumbar spine, and serum mineral levels indicating bone turnover were measured.  
The result was, naturally, an increase in strength for both resistance trained groups (17.2% for low intensity group, 17.8% for high).  BMD of the femoral neck significantly increased by 1.96% for the high intensity group only.  Changes in BMD typically take longer to see than changes in serum mineral levels.  Speaking of which, osteocalcin improved by 39% in the high intensity group and 25.1% in the low intensity group, and bone-specific alkaline phosphatase increased by 7.1 % for the high intensity group.
The study concluded “These data indicate high-intensity REX [resistance] training was successful for improving BMD of the femoral neck in healthy elderly subjects. Also, these data suggest REX increased bone turnover, which over time may lead to further changes in BMD.”
You can read the full article here
This isn’t really to say “yeah, HIT won, I”m right!”  Because in the longer run, changes were probably a-comin’ for the low intensity training group. What it means is for you 68 year olds (give or take) who believe you are beyond help, get off your duff and exercise!  HIT not in your wheelhouse?  No excuses, do a lower intensity exercise several times a week and you can still get there.  
Bone density is kind of important.  Protect it if you got it, built it back if you lost it.  That is all.  Oh, and Crescent City Strength could maybe help you out with that. 

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