Resistance Training Improves Vascular Function

Vascular function is one of those things that becomes impaired as we age.

Since even in older age participants resistance training is an an efficacious strategy for increasing muscle mass and function, a group of scientists from the University of Nottingham hypothesized that likewise resistance training would improve age-related declines in leg blood flow (LBF) and vascular conductance (LVC). They studied three mixed-sex age groups and concluded:

“Resistance exercise training rejuvenates age-related declines in leg vascular conductance and leg blood flow … which symbolizes improved peripheral leg blood flow and leg vascular conductance and suggests that vascular adaptation represents a key facet in the metabolic benefits of resistance exercise training. Although we have studied “healthy” subjects, it is speculated that improved LBF and LVC with RET may also benefit those with cardiovascular or metabolic conditions ..”

Crescent City Strength is a personal training studio located in the New Orleans CBD. We specialize in resistance training using only science based methodologies.

The upshot is a 30 minute session once or twice a week at Crescent City Strength is designed to get you the most bang for your buck. Now you can add to that the potential to improve your vascular function. Call us when you’re ready to get started. (504) 931-9758

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