The Truth About The Biggest Loser

I really hate all those stupid reality shows On TV. Especially The weight loss ones. The trainers involved should have more integrity. They know or should know that their methods are short term and merely for dramatic purposes. Below is a link to a short article that explains what all real trainers know, and that is that all of those people regain the way weight they lost.

But the biggest losers are the viewing audience. They get so turned off of the Draconian methods protrayed that they do not believe it’s possible to achieve their fitness goals. It’s time for some mythbusting.

There are proven methods. It probably will take a knowledgeable trainer. You don’t have to quit your job and dedicate 8 hours a day in the gym. Screaming and berating is not a requirement for you to achieve your goals. And you can make a change that will last a lifetime.

At Crescent City Strength, conveniently located in the New Orleans CBD, we work every day with people just like you to help them successfully achieve and maintain a higher level of fitness and health. We are currently taking new clients. We offer one on one training in a private facility. Call today at (504) 931-9758 today to schedule a free consultation and first appointment. Don’t let garbage television thwart your goals.

Full article


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