Diet Tips

Diet Tip #1:
Don’t do it.  They don’t seem to work. You know it.  You’ve been on them a thousand times.  If they did work, you would  not be reading this post.  Dieting results only in frustrating you and making bigger than ever.  
Diet Tip #2:
Eat every meal as if it is not your last.  You will have lots of opportunity to eat many, many meals throughout your lifetime.  Some will be better than others.  But the truth is you don’t have to sit and consume them all at once.  It’s not a race, people!
Diet Tip #3:
Eat less.  If you are full, throw it away.  It really, really won’t help starving children in China or anywhere else.  Organic matter in garbage will, however, help to break down the garbage in landfills.  Some of it anyway.  So do your part and throw away your uneaten food.  In fact leave food on your plate so you can throw it away and save the planet.
Diet Tip #4:
Eat food.  The stuff you get in the meat, dairy and produce sections of the grocery store.  And there’s this thing called cooking that is really fantastic!  I’m not talking about popping something from a cardboard box into a stainless steel box and clicking the on button.  I’m talking about creating something delicious, the act of which can be relaxing and equally nourishing to your worn out mind.  It can be pretty easy, it takes way less time than you would think, and in the long run, can save you a bundle on drugs and doctor visits that are sometimes the result of eating a cup o’crap for breakfast, lunch and dinner.
Diet Tip #5:
Don’t read any more articles about dieting.  Especially if, like so many people, you’re really only reading the headline or a soundbite and think you get the gist.  Diets are and should be pretty complicated since our stomachs are veritable chemistry labs.  You can’t pick that stuff up in a soundbite.
Diet Tip #6:
DO invest in an education about nutrition (and perhaps even chemistry).  Since you will, in fact, need to eat many, many meals throughout your lifetime, you may want to invest a little time and energy, perhaps the time and energy you would otherwise spend chastising yourself for eating that piece of cake, learning how to choose the right food for you.  
I would highly recommend the book Nourishing Traditions by Sally Fallon.
Now go away, and don’t ask me about diet stuff again.  You know you won’t listen anyway.  I doubt you even made it to the bottom of this post.

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